Prashant Trivedi

PT stands for Prashant Trivedi.

Born in Karnatak, Bharat but belonging to whole Bharatvarsh (world). An IIT graduate, a well acclaimed author & musician, he has travelled extensively across the earth.

PT started his journey with a monumental visit with elders of the Hopi tribe

He lives connected with nature. In turn, nature responds to his inner coherence.

With PT one can see the ancient timeless tales from all parts of the world coming to life in person ...

PT has documented his interactions with nature in the youtube channel LotusOcean.

Here he can be seen playing music and nature responding by making rainbows, sun bows, light bows and much more. He even makes rains, storms, lightning etc in areas which have been dry for years.

He has also been connected with the Crop Circle phenomenon for many years and more than 200+ Crop Circle designs have come as a response to him over the last 17 years.

It all started when an incredible ॐ symbol crop circle design appeared on 07 July 2007 after his chant of ॐ symbol which revealed its actual pronunciation AEIOUM for the first time in the current age ...

PT always walks the walk first before doing any talk and leads by example.

He has manifested all-natural Vedic style living enviornment with all-natural living structures.

A lot of people all over the world have already benefited by following his lead.

PT is also a renowned Jyotishi with internationally acclaimed books on the subject

His recent interviews on youtube have already caused a big stir.

PT sPeaks - a television series by LotusOcean has already been broadcasted on Nepal National TV, Hathway Channel 125 in Mumbai and Shraddha (an all-India Vedic spiritual channel).

His new book P's Gita Scriptures for the now has been released in Dec 2017

PT has given a new meditation practice through which people are benefiting all across the world