Ophanim & Seraphim - Actual Galactic Bedtime HiStory for Earthlings

Bird Tribe Vs Serpent Tribe ~ Prashant Trivedi

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the play starts with a casual reference here regarding Daksha's daughters

now known as the Orion Queens

A clear reference to how they're responsible for

populating most of this sector of our galaxy

Ka-sh-ya-pa is one of the seven original beings

of the Milky Way play

he definitely has immersed himself in the right kind of enviornment

must be a reason why such advanced beings prefer the biologic jungles to concrete jungles !

this is a very old His & Her Story

way before the recent An-Enki Sumerian tale

offsprings don't come easily in this time i.e. knowing and working on the symmetry tilts...

angles to produce the angels

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